Breathing Out and Breathing In 


The last two verses of Breathing Out and Breathing In:  Breathing out my sinful nature, Thou hast borne it all for me; Taking in Thy cleansing fullness, Finding all my life in Thee. I am breathing out my sorrow, On Thy kind and gentle breast; Drawing in Thy joy and comfort, Drawing in Thy peace and rest. I am breathing out my longings, In Thy listening loving ear, And receiving tender answers, Stilling every doubt and fear. I am breathing every moment, Drawing all my life from Thee; Breath by breath I live upon Thee, Blessed Spirit, breathe in Me.

Walt Baughman




A couple of weeks ago I wrote on Psalm 46:10


“Be still and know, that I am God.”  


This piece of scripture has been a “Go to” for me for many years.  I am concluding my fifth week “Safe at Home.”  It has been filled with ups and downs, confusion and clarity, and hope for the future.  


So, have you taken the time to “Be still”?  Have you taken advantage of this quarantine time to make room for the Living God?  To read His Word?  Offer prayers for those in need?   It is all too easy to get caught up in all the negative energy amidst this health crisis, but if we honestly take time to be still in the Word of God, we can see things through a different perspective.  The perspective that calls for hope, peace, love, and patience.  Yes, patience!


We have truly learned to live as Children of God in a new and different way these past weeks.  This has been a call to action.  A call to service and care. That is our calling from God, to allow the light of Christ to shine through us, especially when faced with difficulty.  


So, how have you seen the light of Christ in the middle of this storm?  How have YOU been the light of Christ?  



Pastor Kris





Last Friday, (April 17, 2020) Pastor Kris posted a short video on Facebook about breathing in peace and breathing out anxiety. It will not surprise you to read that this reminded me of an old hymn written by Albert Simpson founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. The title is Breathing Out and Breathing In. The first verse has these words: Jesus, breathe Thy Spirit on me, Teach me how to breathe Thee in, Help me pour from deep within me All my life of self and sin. I am breathing out my own life, That I may be filled with Thee; Letting go of my strength and weakness, Breathing in Thy life divine. (The other two verses will appear in a couple of days.) The tune is Holy Manna used twice in our hymnal 461 and 771.

Walt Baughman





Day by Day


The hymn "Day by Day" was written by the daughter of a Lutheran pastor in Sweden. Carolina Sandell Berg (1832-1903) was called the Fanny Crosby of Sweden. As a frail child, she chose to play quietly in her father's study. She had partial paralysis which often kept her in bed. One Sunday morning while the family was at church, she read her Bible and prayed earnestly. When the family returned she was dressed and walking around. She claimed she was healed from God. Lina expressed her gratitude and love for God in writing poetry which was published when she was sixteen. She wrote over 600 hymns including "Children of the Heavenly Father." The words of her hymns portray a childlike trust in Jesus our Savior. Every day the Lord Himself is with me with a special mercy for each hour. ('Day by Day' verse two.)

Walt Baughman


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