Middle School (Chi Rho)

Confirmation 2019 with Pastor Kris.JPG
Confirmation 2019 Chi Rho with teachers.

Chi Rho is our faith formation confirmation ministry for middle school and junior high students usually in grades 6-8 (age 11-15).  


Each year of the confirmation ministry has a particular focus: year 1 is the Old Testament, year 2 is the New Testament, and year 3 is Christian faith and the Lutheran tradition. Parents of Chi Rho students are asked to commit as well. This includes participating in Facebook worship with their kid(s), praying with and for them, reading the Bible together, and talking about faith and the Chi Rho experience as a family. 


Chi Rho is the time when middle school and junior high kids go deeper into learning about their faith and what it means to be a baptized Child of God. In the Lutheran Church, most people are baptized as a baby. With the support of the congregation, parents and sponsors are entrusted with the responsibility for nurturing the faith of their child. Chi Rho prepares young people to take responsibility for their own life and growth in faith. When Chi Rho students have completed confirmation and affirmed their faith before the congregation, they are now responsible to continue their ongoing faith formation, with the congregation and their families' support. They promise to be active among God’s people, to hear God’s word and share in communion, to witness to Jesus Christ in their words and actions, to follow Jesus in serving all people, and to seek justice and peace in the world. Their affirmation of faith is a way of responding to the grace God has given them – and us – in Jesus Christ.