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Music is a valuable aspect of our worship life. Music can touch our souls, reach our hearts, and enliven faith in ways that words alone cannot. Martin Luther expressed the power of music when he commented, “to sing is to pray twice.” Through music, we bring ourselves before God in prayer, in praise, in lament, in adoration, in confession, and in joy.

We are heirs of a rich musical heritage in the Lutheran tradition. A central aspect of this heritage is congregational singing. Our singing is part of our participation in worship and keeps us from becoming mere spectators. We lift our voices together as a way of responding to God and the grace God has poured into our lives in Jesus Christ.

Each Sunday worship service has a distinctive feel because of the music. We use one of the liturgical settings from our hymnal, Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW), and sing the Kyrie, Canticle of Praise, Gospel Acclamation, Great Thanksgiving, Sanctus and Benedictus, and Agnus Dei. We blend both piano and organ music and sing hymns and songs that range from conventional to modern. Our music helps lead us through the service from gathering together to receiving God’s grace through the word and the meal and finally to being sent into the world to serve in God’s name.

Music Groups

Vocal Choir

The vocal choir enriches our worship with anthems and special music on various Sundays and festival days throughout the year. We are always looking for new members who want to share their talents. Contact Walt at or call the church office at 419-433-4711 with any questions, or if you are interested in participating.


Bell Choir 

The bell choir adds the wonderful sound of hand bells to our worship as they also provide special music throughout the year on both Sundays and festival days. Please contact our Music Director, Walt Baughman, at:, and join in the FUN!

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