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Our mission as the people of God is to love and serve our neighbor. As Children of God, we are committed to worshipping the One, True God~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We recognize the importance of worship, continual Christian education, fellowship and service to others.


~Fellowship & Service Opportunities are offered regularly and spontaneously.

Are you looking for something to do? We have mission opportunities available for everyone...opportunities to pray, connect with members of our church family as Eucharistic ministers or note writers, participate in community service programs, walk or work on the Prayer Path. The list can go on and on! Or, perhaps you see a need and don't know exactly what to do or who to contact to get thing started...we have instructions/guidelines to help with that!

It is encouraged for members of the congregation to help implement programs, missions, and fellowship opportunities. The following guideline has been written to help streamline and clarify what this process would look like.

  1. Contact your Member at Large (MAL) with the following information:

    1. Description of program, mission, or fellowship idea

    2. Date, Time, Location

    3. How you would like it to be advertised (i.e., bulletin, newsletter, electronic sign, Facebook, etc.)

    4. Money required?

                      Note: It is encouraged that the request be given to your MAL at least 3-4 weeks prior                         to the program date for approval and proper advertising to build excitement.                                       Depending on the request, this may or may not apply. 

    2. Your MAL will then determine if the program/mission or idea is approved or needs to go to    

        council for final approval (if money is required). 

    3. Your MAL will then provide additional direction to you on next steps for implementation. 

This is who we are as God’s church in this world. 

We are vessels, instruments of God’s amazing love and mercy!

Please, join us!


The Women of the ELCA (ZLCW) will host a baby shower for Jesus! Our collection runs from Thursday, Jan 6th (Epiphany Day) to Sunday, Feb 20th. Items can be placed in the bin in the narthex or added to the “Mission Bin” located under the portico. All items will be donated to Heartbeat of Sandusky. 


Suggested items include crib quilts & sheets, receiving blankets, PJ’s, onesies, gowns, infant towels & washcloths, baby bottles, pacifiers, travel and full-size baby lotions, powder, shampoo, and wipes. *Formula and diapers of ALL sizes are the greatest need. If you would prefer not to shop, monetary gifts are gladly accepted. Checks should be made out to Zion and have Heartbeat notated in the memo. Questions can be directed to Karen Munsterman at 419-433-7710 or Joyce Keane.

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"Warmth for the Winter"
Fleece Blanket Project

The Fleece Blanket Project for this year was a huge success!  The project started in mid-September and ended in early December.  There were a total of 14 people who helped make  and/or deliver items. There were a total of 51 blankets (48 fleece and 3 crocheted), 65 hats, 21 scarves and 1 pair of mittens made this year!  The blankets and other articles were distributed between Job and Family Services, Care and Share for Erie County as well as Sonshine Fund.  A huge thank for all those involved, and  especially to  this year’s organizer, Laura Nabors!

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SONSHINE PROJECT is Zion’s caring outreach ministry serving those who live in the Rye Beach Complex.  This ministry continues to grow as we discover new ways to serve this community. 

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Gathering, sorting, and preparing boxes for delivery before Christmas! We offer each and everyone a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

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"Circle of Love"
Prayer Group

2 Thessalonians 1:11

We keep praying for you.

Our "Circle of Love" participants continually show God's love by praying for one another. This ministry provides, prayer, cards, phone calls to the entire membership of Zion Lutheran Church. If you are a member of Zion, you are all ready being prayed for! If you would like to become a "Prayer Warrior," please contact Shelia Preston, our "Circle of Love" Prayer Coordinator.


Prayer is, in the Christian faith and in many other spiritual traditions, a way of being and a way of relating. Prayer is a way of being: being in the moment, being present, being open. It is a way of learning to be ourselves. ... Prayer is a way of relating: to God, to ourselves, to those around us. Please join us!

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Huron Prayer Path and Labyrinth

The Huron Prayer Path and Labyrinth, located on 10 acres of wooded land at 930 South Main Street, Huron, Ohio combines nature, tranquility, and God's teachings.The path encompasses several HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE features.The Upper Path is about a mile long and leads to the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is designed to allow the walker to meditate and/or pray while making his way to the center...there he will find the six petals and benches to sit and enjoy the experience. The labyrinth, for centuries, has been used as a tool to help seekers find their way through life and to the FATHER of us all.

The lower path is all wooded and has a small stream as one crosses the TRANSFORMATION BRIDGE. More benches are available to sit and reflect on one's life as the connection with nature seals the experience. 

The complex is open from dawn to dusk. Walk and be blessed.

The Prayer Path - HOLY GROUND

The Prayer Path has published a book, "Holy Ground", that describes how the Prayer Path and Labyrinth got started, how it came together, the blessings people have received, and the lives that have been changed.  The books are a fundraiser to help collect money for a replacement tractor.  The books would make a wonderful Christmas present and are available for $15.00 . Please speak with Shelia and Tom Preston to get your copy!  Please spread the word! 

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